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  • The Music Fountain of the Largest Wetland Park in Wuhan Will Soon be Developed with the Assurance of Nearly 200 Holip Frequency Converters

    Abstract:  The music fountain project of Houguan Lake National Wetland Park – the largest wetland park in Wuhan City that will soon be completed – uses 180 Holip HLP – A100 series high-performance vector frequency converters, with fountain deployment range being 150m*30m. The properties of quick response and stable control of HLP-A100 series frequency converter are the important assurance for the ever-changing and graceful fountain.

    Keywords: HLP-A100 series frequency converter, Wuhan Houguan Lake National Wetland Park, Music Fountain 

    Fig.1. Rendering of Wuhan Houguan Lake National Wetland Park (North Bank)

    The Houguan Lake National Wetland Park is located in the central north of Caidian District of Wuhan City. It is currently the largest wetland park under construction in Wuhan with a total planning area of 3186.3 hectares. The construction of the park commenced in 2011 and is planned to be completed in 8 years and consume an investment of over 444 million Yuan. It is a social welfare ecological wetland park integrating functions like wetland scientific research, publicity and education, ecological sightseeing and tourism, impounding and flood regulation. As an important landscape project, the music fountain and its auxiliary works have absorbed an investment of 10 million Yuan since commencement in October 2016.  The fountain covers a water area of 4500 m2 (150m*30m) and uses 180 Holip HLP-A100 series 4.0kW and 5.5kW frequency converters .

    To present a beautiful and dynamic water design, the music fountain of Houguan Lake proposed five major requirements for the performance of Holip frequency converters:

    1. Quick response, otherwise the music fountain cannot change with music, seriously compromising the dynamic effect.

    2.  Since the Houguan Lake Fountain is expansive, the wires of electric machine are generally more than 100m long and some even 150m, necessitating stable operations of converters without an output reactor;

    3. Quick slowdown that is 0.5s and even quicker as well as high surge current upon start, during which the protection functions of converters should not be motivated;

    4. High EMC requirements: in the case, more than 100 frequency converters work at the same time without disturbing the normal operations of other equipment like stepping that controls the rotation of fountain nozzles and audio control system;

    5. High requirements on the stability of frequency converters as they need to start and stop frequently while running frequency is fast changing. 

    Targeting the requirements mentioned above, the Holip technical team went to the site to research the implementation plan and materialize every technical key point. Through meticulous debugging, a plan was finally ascertained and carried out. The music fountain will soon be presented to the Wuhan people. At that time, the Houguan Lake National Wetland Park will be further beautified by a wonderful view that displays art and culture and entertains citizens with magnificent dances of light and water. 

    In recent years, frequency converters have been widely applied to large-scale music fountains as frequency conversion technologies forge ahead.

    Thanks to the frequency converter, music fountains have infinite possibilities as unforgettable visual and audio enjoyment that could be versatile, ethereal, gentle and intense. 

    Noticeable advantages of HLP-A100 series frequency converter when applied to music fountains:

    1. Quick response: ensuring the changes of fountain water are completely synchronous with the music rhythm;

    2. Soft start and flow limiting function: a water pump is an inductive load and has very high current if directly started whereas started with a frequency converter can sharply lower the starting current to enable the current to steadily rise to the working level and mitigate the impact on grid and electrical machine;   

    3. Frequency modulation function: one of the cores of music fountains as it flexibly controls the height of water to the music rhythm;

    4. Multi-protection of Holip frequency converter: the multi-protection of HLP-A100 series, including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and output short-circuit protection, fully protects electrical machines and water pumps, prolongs the service life of equipment and pares down maintenance costs; 




    Holip has always been devoted to providing customers with a variety of customized applications and solutions and winning customers’ trust with excellent product quality and impeccable after-sales services.

    Work with us to create a good living environment and envision a sustainable future. 





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